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Savvy women provide a number of services to help you build wealth with our full support. We specalize in property but also provide advice in a number of investment services which are listed below. You can also at the end of this page download PDF's on all the services which we provide in terms of helping you build wealth in property. If you have any questions or queries at anytime please contact us and we wil be delighted to provide further help and guidance.

Savvy Women specialize in;

  1. Business Coaching

  2. Financial Education

  3. Buy- Sell -Let Properties

  4. Mortgages and Insurances

  5. Specialized property services

  6. Additional service providers

  7. Alternative investments

The Top 5 Investments Women Should Consider

1. Property – building a property portfolio is a very lucrative, if understanding what you are investing in analysing any property investment to understand the ROI. This type of investment has many avenues to entry which makes it the number one choose for women. The most current trends of property investment are: HMO (House of Multiple occupation), Serviced apartments, lease options and flipping properties.

2. ISA’s – There are 3 types of ISA’s Cash ISA, Stocks & Shares, investment can be split including shares, funds, corporate bonds and more and in April 2016 this type of ISA allows to invest in Peer-to-peer lending Innovations Finance was introduced. Women are currently mainly using the cash ISA as it allows them to save up to £20,000 which is the threshold.

3. Luxury Good- Designer bags, Jewellery and watches. Heine (2012) also divides luxury brands into four different levels for luxury brands and certifies for example Louis Vuitton as a “top-level luxury brand” women find this type of investment is in line with what they already do in terms of their everyday living.

4. Gold – With most women being risk-aversity and bank’s being so fragile over the years women’s confidence has been affected in this way of saving therefore finding that investing in gold bullion more assured way liking it as a form of insurance as it holds its value and can be used to hedge against other investments.

5. Cryptocurrency/Blockchain- According to Coin. Dance, as of May 2018, 94.73 percent of Bitcoin community engagement and active participation comes from men and 5.27 percent from women. The low percentage can be attributed to the fact that women are risk adverse and its high risk.

Build Wealth in the Above With Our Experience

We provide a comprehensive, reliable and professional service to help you build your property portfolio. We have designed a detailed assessment process that ensures every area of our clients are look at we source brings you unbeatable opportunities to reach financial security through intellectual property investments. You can have access to our investment properties and learn all the techniques for purchasing properties.

We will teach you why you should NEVER Buy property at full market price. This is applicable to all kinds of property-off-plan/new build, refurbishment property, portfolios, commercial, auction property and Land. In addition, we will teach portfolio builders the importance of reducing any risks by investing in a selection of different types of property.

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