Do you ever watch property investment programs? Such as Property Ladder and Home Under the hammer and think I would love to be a property investor?

You start to gather information on the internet, from magazines and newspapers, then your eyes start to glaze over as there is so much to process and It becomes quite daunting when you don’t know where to start. So, here is the good news getting into property investment isn’t that hard, and less confusing than you think, but there is a process that you will need to follow which will enable you to become a successful investor.

If you are new to property investment following these eight simple stages will allow you to create a property portfolio that is profitable and delivers long term growth for years to come!

With the ceiling firmly still intact and women still fighting for equality is it no wonder some women are fighting back, but not in the way we think. Women are become more financially astute and looking at alternative ways other than the typical 9-5 Job, according to Glass door the national average earning of senior manager £78,000 allowing average woman between the ages 35-55 looking for ways to become financial free. 

According to recent study conducted property specialists SevenCapital, based In Birmingham a 1,000 people asked the UK population what they have invested in and what they’d consider investing in. Property investment won by a landslide as 40% of people said housing would be their first investment choice, if money was not an issue.

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Do you have a retirement plan? I asked myself this question twenty years ago, and back then the answer was NO. When you’re in your twenties this is the last thing you think about, you justify it by say “I’m young, I have enough time to think about my retirement”.

Haven’t you notice that as we get older, time seems to be getting shorter, then the next thing you know your in your forties fast approaching your fifties and there it is, you start to think about retirement. WOW!! how age has caught up with you. Now you panic all those questions you should have thought more deeply about in your twenties has just come full circle “what is my plan for retirement? How much do I need to live on? Will I be able to afford my bills when I retire?

HMO property investment is one of the 52 property businesses strategies that you can get into. When considering this strategy always look at properties that are 3 bedrooms and above 2 x living room, large kitchen and has scope to increase the value. Here are 5 tips to increase your HMO property;

1. Loft Extension

2. Side/Back extension

3. Interior design

4. Conservatries

5. Garage conversation

Tip 1: Loft extension

Self-employed pension crisis: one in three relying on the state to fund their retirement: Entrepreneurs are heading towards a self-employed pension crisis, with many not having any savings in place at all. Read More On the Pension Crisis for the Self Employed Here

You must understand that to become truly successful, there must be a level of commitment in place not only from you but also your family members also as they will be part of your business journey and growth. To Read More Click Here


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