Business advice services for women

Are you a woman considering starting your own business? Or are you already running a business but feel you could do with some expert advice to help you overcome certain challenges?

Our business advisors come from a range of walks of life and all have a wealth of experience to offer.

If you haven’t yet started your business, we can help you look at the possibilities and find your ideal niche, whether that’s buying a franchise or starting a brand-new business.

Thinking of turning your hobby into a money-spinner or setting up a business to fill a gap in the market? We can give you practical, straightforward advice to help you decide whether it’s worth making a go of it and how best to approach it.

If you’re already running a business but facing challenges that you’re not sure how to tackle, our advisors will also be glad to help. As well as giving practical suggestions, often from their own experience, they may be able to suggest training courses that could equip you better to face future hurdles.

For example, we could advise you on:

  • leadership and communication skills

  • team building

  • personal development planning

  • SMART goal setting

  • organisational development

  • reviewing your business plans and mapping your business

  • marketing ideas, including online marketing

  • new approaches to gain more customers and increase your sales

  • building a strategic framework for your social media

  • developing your business profile on- and offline

  • budgeting and applying for finance

  • and meeting your training needs.

  • Services/Business coaching and mentoring

If you feel you could benefit from our business advice services, please Book A FREE Initial Consultation

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