Words of praise

Here’s a selection of the feedback we’ve received...

“Sapphire has been most helpful in increasing my motivation and driving me to succeed through sharing her experience and offering advice across all aspects of the working environment.

“The help that Savvy Women Group gave was extremely useful. Having the drive and subsequent confidence to achieve has led me to strive for more in my career – I’ve become a manager within nine months!

“Sapphire has helped me with personal growth as well as further exploring my career options and methods of achieving more, potentially starting a marketing agency (on a small scale initially).

“I would rank Savvy Women Group services 10/10.” (Laura Marszalek)

Sapphire has not only been my mentor, but someone that I respect, value and admire. She has provided me with invaluable advice, guidance and encouragement and helped me work towards my goals.

“When I first met her I felt inspired by her journey and knew that I wanted her to mentor me and show me how to be successful. Having Sapphire’s support has been a blessing as it has allowed me to see new opportunities and grow as an entrepreneur. It has been so valuable to have someone not only believe in me but steer me in the right direction.

“Sapphire’s knowledge, experience and general attitude towards life is what makes her the woman that she is and I consider myself fortunate to know let alone work with someone like her.” (Nabila El-Zanaty)

“Sapphire Gray is an ideas person with strong follow-through and closing ability who can be relied upon to deliver to the requirements of any given individual, situation or event.”(Valrie Stewart)

Sapphire is a very strong individual with a heart for others. I admire her determination – she gets so much done in such little time. I always wonder how on earth she does it.”

(Flavia Gregoire)

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